Hosting Laravel 5.6 on Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cloud hosting provider that offers flexible virtual infrastructure with advanced orchestration tools. Digital Ocean virtual machines (‘droplets’) are dirt cheap and that makes them a terrific resource for hosting small-to-sized apps with ample scope to scale upward. I recently migrated a Laravel SAAS app from AWS to DO. Here’s the process I followed.

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LDAP authentication with Laravel and Adldap2

This post provides a short tutorial on integrating LDAP authentication with the Laravel framework. One of my recent projects has involved adding LDAP authentication to a Laravel web app using Steve Bauman’s excellent Adlap2 package.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) needs no introduction and any developer who has spent time working on internal ‘enterprise’ software project will have encountered it. Simple integration might just focus on using an LDAP directory to authenticate users using a common username and password across a suite of enterprise applications. More advanced integration work might including binding to a driectory for interactive retrieval of corporate contact data or delegated management of groups and roles.

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Installing PHP & Oracle PDO Drivers on Ubuntu

Given that PHP and Oracle databases are fairly mainstream platforms these days, you might expect that there would be a simple, straight-forward way to install and connect PHP with Oracle on Ubuntu.


If it’s not something you do regularly, or, unless you’ve got a fool-proof set of recent instructions, it is painful.

I faced the problem last week while configuring a a new virtual server. After a few hours of bumbling around I finally found a decent guide here for an earlier version of the Oracle instant client drivers. On the off-chance that it saves someone else some hassle, I thought I’d post a slight updated version that will work for PHP5.3 and Instant Client 11.2. Chances are that I’ll need to refer to this guide in the future, too.

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